Wearing a ASTOS watch grants you access to an exclusive club of people carrying a piece of exclusive artistry on their wrist. As a luxury timepiece, a true mechanical watch exudes elegance and an understated sophistication that will open doors and opportunities in the right places. The story of ASTOS Watches began with vision to craft high-end, luxury timepieces offering excellent water resistance and timekeeping precision. The future is to be defined by the athletes, celebrities, and artists keeping time with a ASTOS on their wrists.


The story of ASTOS watches is closely linked with the ‘Fashion Watch Revolution’ that changed the watchmaking industry during the 2010s. This revolution opened the world of wristwatches to a new generation of watch wearers, but it also brought about a new generation of skilled watchmakers. — Not in Switzerland but all over the world, especially in countries like Japan and Korea.

ASTOS Watches was always meant to be more than a fashion watch. While the rest of the industry was pumping out cheap-looking minimalist wrist watches, ASTOS discovered that a new generation of watchmakers wanted to prove their craft by producing timepieces of high-end quality.

This young generate of experienced watchmakers is at the heart of the ASTOS family, and the reason ASTOS watches can offer luxury timepieces, at less than heritage brand prices.


ASTOS is a fully Independent watch manufacturer — and we’re proud of not being owned by a big corporation. It gives us the freedom to design and craft the watches that speaks to us, and to challenge higher price tiers with excellent craftsmanship, finishing and design throughout our watch line.


From the precision engineering of the automatic mechanical movements, to the intricate craftsmanship of the finishing, ASTOS Watches gives a nod to classic designs and watchmaking techniques perfected over centuries. At a distance the designs appear familiar and as an organic continuation of celebrated luxury watch designs. But up close the details reveal that these timepieces are more than that. All ASTOS designs brings their own contemporary twist on the traditional to keep innovating watch designs for the 21st century.


The ethos of ASTOS Watches is to craft luxurious timepieces with a sporty feel that performs as exceptional as they look. We are as proud of the features of the timepieces you do not see as we are of the viable detailing and finished of the watch cases. The automatic mechanical movement is the beating heart of all
ASTOS Watches, and beyond the glare of the gold cases, it is the skilfully engineered movements that earns them the label of luxury timepieces.


ASTOS Watches are unique in giving our watchmakers free hands to showcase their craft and creativity in the design and finishing of the timepieces. It is these watchmakers who engineer all ASTOS movements and craft casings, bracelets, and all other external components in their own workshops. The individual parts of the movements and cases are produced, finished, and assembled with expert care and attention to detail to ensure an exceptionally performing watch. The competence of our watchmakers will accompany your watch throughout its entire lifetime. Beginning from the first sketches made on the drawing board, over careful engineering of each individual part, to the final assembly, finishing and inspection, your watch will receive the utmost care and attention to detail.


The moment your ASTOS Watch leaves the production line after final inspection is only the beginning of the story. The journey begins when you wear it into the boardroom, important meetings, or for future defining moments as an artist, athlete, or performer.